About us

Reclaimed Spirit is born of a multi-passionate dreamer...a girl with a heart for creativity from childhood, a wife and mother that wants to empower our voices with GRACE...a friend that wants to lift up and encourage others...an artist that wants to make SO many things...a child of light, trying to SHINE bright. 

 I'm Stacey Hamner, Founder of Reclaimed Spirit by Stacey. After leaving my corporate career as a Textile Designer for a US manufacturer, I decided to put my creative skills and previous retail experience to use! It's my hope that you will always feel welcome in my shop, at one of my workshops or if we bump into each other about town! Don't we all need a friendly place? And maybe that would be made better if you could also find pretty things for your home, a special gift for a friend or baby, and perhaps a treat for yourself? I think yes! I want Reclaimed Spirit to be that place!

We'd love to have you follow along on our journey!