Enjoying the Ride

First, let me say welcome, as this is my very first blog post since creating Reclaimed Spirit. Thanks for clicking through to hear about my little ride. Just over a year ago, I set up for my first outdoor show. It was Oktoberfest in a little German town nearby. It was wet and cold, but during the dry times I had loads of shoppers and quickly sold out of my Autumn themed signs. While not a record show by any means, I had the spark of encouragement that people really might want to buy my art. During that same show, I was approached by a friendly artist and local store owner that wanted my work in her store. It was a perfect match and I totally remember my first set up and how I left with the feeling of being at home.

Enjoy the Ride; Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas; 24x24

Enjoy the Ride; Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas; 24x24

Over the fall and holiday season I had success both in the store and at outside shows and decided to try a few more in the spring. Since the beginning of 2016, I've done shows, Art Camps with kids, adult painting classes and lettering classes, and I've joined in as a co-owner of the store, Studio 23 in Florence, Alabama. The Studio is an amazing hub of creativity. Our goal is to foster and support local artisans that create real, handmade goods. A walk through our store will inspire you with its uniqueness and you can be a supporter of the arts by spending your dollars on local, handmade goods and art. 

I've digressed a bit, but the point where I am in my "ride" is one of growth and realization that I need to take some leaps of faith to become a better artist and to get the feelings in my head out here to you, so that you can understand a little more about what painting means to me. And hopefully we can connect with what my paintings mean to you. I hope you have a blessed day!


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