Show Prep and not losing my mind

All good things seem to happen at the same time, right?  In the midst of opening the new store I am also preparing for art show season. I say season, because I don't do a whole lot of shows, but had planned to sort of "pack them in" during April and May, and packing in I am! I could easily let myself get overwhelmed but yet I have had an overarching sense of peace. I believe that knowing it is part of a master plan that is not my own helps. Also, that worry doesn't do us any good and seems to only attract more worry and negative things. But I also gotta get stuff done. This week I have been able to prioritize with some clarity and more boxes are getting checked off of the to do list. 

One of the most fun parts of show prep, for me, is deciding what pieces to bring with me for each particular show. Of course it's a giant crapshoot for a show I've never done before, but putting together an educated guess is always a good challenge! I have two shows in April:

The Girlfriend Gala, April 6th at Locust Hill in Tuscumbia, Alabama

Main Street Arts Festival, April 29-30 in Franklin, Tennessee


I would love to see you at one of the shows and/or at the new store.  The doors will be open Friday April 7th from 10-8:00! 

Reclaimed Spirit: 416 N Court Street, Florence, AL 35630