Love is in the Air...ideas for sweet happies

Ah, sweet Valentine's really is sweet to take the time to focus on those you love best. I love a good homemade card and bar of dark chocolate! I'm also never disappointed with jewelry! I've put together some of my top recommendations for little love gifts! 


Grace Girl Beads Vintage Brooch Necklace and Druzy studs

Grace Girl Beads Vintage Brooch Necklace and Druzy studs


Original mixed media pieces by Stacey are sweet little tokens, perfect for little girls or co-workers.

Bath salts, lavender pillows and a gorgeously scented candle are all great treats!

Bath salts, lavender pillows and a gorgeously scented candle are all great treats!

Available in store now. Gift wrap is complimentary, and I'd love to help you choose the perfect gift! Most importantly, though, I hope you take a minute to let the ones you love know how special they are to you! I pray love and kindness will cover you all as you spread it out into the world! 



Amazing Things are Happening

Y'ALL! Yes, that's a big ol' all caps shout out because so much has happened to flip my little art world upside down since the beginning of the year! I'm continually astounded (although it shouldn't come as a surprise) at the pieces of my life that I KNOW that God is moving. How do I KNOW, you ask? Well, you know when there are things that don't make sense? Or are not something that you seek out, yet ends up on your doorstep? And maybe you don't necessarily wanna do it at first, but you're like, "really Lord? Are you sure?" I don't know if I can remember a time that He's put me to the test quite this specifically, but when the opportunity to expand my brand into it's own storefront was handed to me, all wrapped up--with a very pretty wired (burlap) ribbon on top, I knew I couldn't turn it down!

So, here in the midst of art show season, I am painting like a madwoman and setting up shop in Downtown Florence!  I love it's historic charm and all the creative energy that flows down Court Street. I love that I'm two blocks from Trowbridge's ice cream and walking distance to so many other favorite restaurants and shops. This morning alone, I hit Rivertown coffee, office of Success by 6, and Jack O'Lantern Farms (for a major avocado and fresh tomato craving). I love the energy of the UNA students walking by bring. I love that today, in early March, I propped the door open  and blasted "Queen radio" on Pandora. The UNA kids may think I'm a hundred years old, but hey, it keeps me going!  I love that I finally feel at home. I didn't grow up in Florence, but I was born here many moons ago, and in the four years since we've relocated here, I have fallen for the city's charisma, art culture and down home vibe. It is such a hidden gem, no wonder Florence was named Alabama's most picturesque small town! So, whether you are from Florence or visiting, you need to checkout this great city! Start by coming to see ME during April's First Fridays! Also available by appointment before then. I am thrilled to see where this adventure leads--thank you for joining me in the journey! Don't forget to sign up for my e-mail list for all the latest and greatest! 

He Leads Me