5 Ways to Be More Present With Your Kids

Thank goodness "keeping it real" is a trendy thing these days...our life is FOR REAL and sometimes keeping the balance is hard. Being a wife, mom and small business owner can be rough. Don't forget church, volunteering or kids activities-and perhaps we'd like to have some friends? I'm sure your to-do list is as long as mine, but what can we do to hit the pause button and enjoy some time really with our kids before they are grown? I've come up with 5 ways that work pretty good for us and want to share them with you here:

Kids love creating! 

Kids love creating! 

  1. Hide your phone! (and their ipads/pods/whatevers)- My resolution at the beginning of the year was to have no-tech time from the time I get home until they go to bed. Some days there's work that has to be done, but if it can wait, I see a huge difference in my girls by taking time to give them this attention.

  2. Get active! For us this is often as simple as walking out back and jumping on the trampoline. Or jogging to the mailbox. Other times it's teaching them a new yoga pose or attempting their dance/gymnastic move. Lots of fun and laughs from these experiences-and best of all they are free!

  3. Let them help! I don't know about you, but I need my kids to learn how to do things themselves-and the good part? They really love to help do most things! If play time is short and we need to eat or clean the house (so Mama doesn't lose it), I let them "play chef" or use as many paper towels as needed to clean the mirrors so we can tackle the work-together! 

  4. Read Together! Sometimes homework takes care of this, but when time allows, I love to read a book aloud together. It might be just me, or we take turns doing a page. We are about to start A Wrinkle in Time because I really want to see the movie but want them to read it first (and I can read a liiittle faster than my first grader).

  5. Take a Chill Pill! Oh, you're already cool as a cucumber? (Give me your secrets!) House work will always be there. Maybe even the laundry baskets in my living room...but sometimes ya gotta let it be and accept the mess as beautiful and worth it for the sweet times that are passing faster than most of us would like.

Appetizer created by my First Grader. 

Appetizer created by my First Grader. 

What do you think? Comment below if you try any of these or if you've got more to add. We can all use some good tips!


Honorable mention: Chase Chickens! 

Honorable mention: Chase Chickens! 

And if you're looking for something fun for your kiddos this summer, pop over and check out Art Camps! Click here to learn more. 

Let's Get Artsy!

Summer fun continues at the studio with so many chances to explore art and have a good time with peers. I had a great time teaching the first session of my Under the Sea Art Camp and wanted to share some photos from camp:

art camp



I've also had a great time with my Thursday night workshops. Most recently I led Watercolor & Brush Lettering-it's not as easy as it looks! But we learned some new techniques and created some beautiful notecards. Can you imagine receiving a  card that's not only hand-written, but also hand-painted? Wow! Super special is how I'd feel! 


Colors mixed by Maeve Eubanks

Colors mixed by Maeve Eubanks

Aren't these beautiful? I love how everyone encourages each other and sparks new ideas!


I've just made the registration links live for all July Classes and Workshops. I would love to to host you and your child for some creative time this summer! I'd love to see pics of any art made at a Reclaimed Spirit event. Just tag me @reclaimedspirit and feel free to use the hashtags #reclaimedspiritbystacey #keepflorenceartsy

Stay Artsy!