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Stacey Hamner...Artwork with Spirit

I've loved creating things for as long as I can remember. I took Drawing, Design and Fashion Illustration classes while pursuing my degree in Apparel Design, but always felt drawn to explore more with paint.

My career began designing children's clothing for a major department store, during which time I traveled pretty extensively for work. When my husband and I wanted to start a family, we relocated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and I delved into the field of Textile Design. I learned so much working for a smaller, privately owned company and received invaluable experience with weaving. When my children were born I was having to leave them for work travel, my heart longed to be home with them. In due time, God blessed us with the opportunity to move to the city of my birth, Florence, Alabama and stay home with my daughters. It's in this new home that I had time to pursue the creative work that I truly feel called to create. I did my first show in 2013 and enjoy meeting new people and growing as an artist.

Now see my blog post about how I came to open a brick and mortar in Downtown Florence! 

Artist Statement:

Stacey is a self-taught artist born and raised in Alabama. Relatively new to art as a profession, she loves to work with a variety of mediums, often turning her acrylic paintings into mixed media pieces by incorporating old hymnal pages or adding hand-lettering. Stacey paints on both canvas and reclaimed wood that she and her husband find and repurpose. She enjoys the ruggedness that the reclaimed wood gives and works to add that same rustic breath into many canvas pieces by using heavy texture and neutral, familiar colors. Stacey hopes her work encourages and brings a visual reminder of the beauty of the Creator that surrounds us.

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